About us

What is neotex 4.0 center?

About us

Neotex 4.0 center is the competency center in Industry 4.0 oriented towards textile trades in Tunisia. Its vision is to strengthen the value creation in companies operating in the Textile & Clothing and Technical Textile sectors through support of the integration of innovative projects in Industry 4.0 and coordination with the different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Our objectives

Neotex 4.0 center
sets 5 objectives:

To be a channel of transmission of useful information on feedback to contribute to the orientation of State policy on I4.0.

Create a synergy between the different stakeholders of the I4.0 ecosystem in Tunisia, particularly those active in the Textile & Clothing and Technical Textile sectors.

Contribute to the modernization of the textile machinery fleet from old used equipment to a fleet adapted to Industry 4.0 applications.

Contribute to the upgrade of the textile industry sector status, from that of easily interchangeable subcontractors to the status of integrated partners with higher added value.

Promote and accelerate the digital transition of SMEs and manufacturers operating in the Textile & Clothing and Technical Textile sectors in Tunisia.

Neotex 4.0 center was officially launched on July 20, 2023.

This project is led by MFCPOLE and implemented at Neotex Monastir Technopark

Our team

Neotex 4.0 center team

In order to better support Tunisian textile and clothing companies in their transformation into Industry 4.0 able to better adapt to market needs and meet the challenges they face, neotex 4.0 center provides manufacturers with a versatile and expert team