neotex 4.0 center
Competency center in Industry 4.0
oriented towards textile trades in Tunisia.
What is neotex 4.0 center?

Towards an industry
in Tunisia

Neotex 4.0 center is the competency center in Industry 4.0 oriented towards textile trades in Tunisia. Its vision is to strengthen the value creation in companies operating in the Textile & Clothing and Technical Textile sectors through support of the integration of innovative projects in Industry 4.0 and coordination with the different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

To do this, Neotex 4.0 center sets 5 objectives:

  • Promote and accelerate the digital transition of SMEs and industrialists
  • Contribute to the modernization of the textile machinery fleet
  • Create synergy between the different stakeholders in the ecosystem
  • Be a channel for transmission of useful information
Our services

Neotex 4.0 services

Services for manufacturers in the Textile and Clothing sector
  • Audit and support in the implementation of I4.0 solutions by:
    • Quality control and improvement
    • Energy efficiency
    • Process improvement and optimization
  • Advanced training in Industry 4.0 applied to the textile and clothing sector
  • I4.0 Industrial Demonstrators
  • Business financing advice for I4.0 projects
  • Organization and facilitation of Industry 4.0 awareness events
  • Industry 4.0 Collaborative R&D project implementation (interfacing labs – industrials – researchers)
  • Studies and technology watch
  • Open source digital manufacturing / I4.0 POC prototyping and validation
  • Cross-sectors training in I4.0

This project is led by MFCPOLE and implemented at Neotex Monastir Technopark.

Our services

The implementation process